shein haul!

Hey everyone! I have recently been hearing a lot about the online store called “Shein”, and decided to check it out! This store has cute, trendy pieces for really cheap prices. I was a little hesitant when ordering since I had heard that it was mostly hit or miss sometimes, but I am overall quite happy with everything I ordered! I decided to share what I got with ya’ll. So here it goes! 🙂

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A few days ago, I turned 21 (woooo) and I decided that I want to make a list of 10 things I want to do this year. This will be a mixture of more long term things, things that I have always wanted to do, & things that I just thought would be fun. So here goes my list 🙂

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Meet my Boyfriend!

One of my most said phrases in high school was,

“I wish God would just tell me who I was going to marry already, so I could just wait for him”

(yes, my very embarrassing high school twitter account will prove this -__-)

Well, fortunately for me, I finally did meet him! Meet Warren, the love of my life and my favorite friend 🙂

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