Daily Thoughts

Life of a Camp Counselor

This summer, I am working at my local YMCA as a summer day camp counselor. This means, I am working with 1st & 2nd graders, 5 days a week, planning fun activities and exploring the places around us. I love my job, the kids, and my coworkers.

However, the long days working with children can come with a lot of sass and frustration. I wanted to make this post to remember some of the darling quotes my campers have said to me. They crack me up, and I hope you enjoy! 🙂

Please note: all names are changed for safety reasons 🙂


Setting: I am talking to a camper about saying “JESUS CHRIST” when frustrated.

Me: Jimmy, come here please.

*Jimmy makes his way over veryyyy slowly.*

Me: Jimmy, we can’t say that here at the Y.

Jimmy: Why? It’s not a bad word.

Me: Okay, but it might hurt some people’s feelings, so please don’t say it anymore.

*Jimmy looks like he is thinking very hard*

Jimmy: Fine. I’ll just say it in my head.

*Jimmy walks away*

Me:  –________–


Setting: The whole group of 1st graders just walked across the street, returning to the Y after a long day. 

Kayson: Hey Koala, do you have a crush on anyone?

Me: Uhh that’s not really appropriate for the Y Kayson.

Kayson: Oh, well, I have a crush on you.

Me: Oh…thank you Kayson.

Other counselor: Holy moly Kayson! That’s not how you tell a girl you like them!

Me: -______-


Setting: My group and I were sitting together eating lunch. 

Josiah: Koala! Come here! I need to ask you something!

Me: okay. *leans over*

Josiah: *whispering* Is that girl going through a growth spurt? She’s really hairy….

Me: *trying not to laugh at his innocence* No Josiah, she just has darker hair. Make sure you don’t say anything about it though, ok? It might hurt her feelings.

Josiah: *looks at me like I just said the dumbest thing in the world* Duhhhh.

Me: -______-


Setting: My group and I were seated, waiting to begin morning ceremony. 

Michael: *runs up to me* Hey, Koala!

Me: Yeah, Michael?

Michael: You are tired!

Me: What? How do you know?

Michael: I can tell! You have bags under your eyes! *runs away*

Me: -_____-

*side note: he has done this every morning since this day*


These were a few of the most memorable quotes thus far. I am going to write down more as the summer goes on, so I can remember more.

Happy Sunday! ❤





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