Daily Thoughts

Summer Bucket List 2017!

Since Warren and I are both working full time and then some this summer, we decided to make a bucket list to make sure we are having a balance between work and fun!

I decided to share the list so that we can continue to add pictures each time we complete an item as a fun thing to look back on & keep us accountable 🙂

Anyways, here is our list! 🙂

♥♥ Go to the Ocean

♥♥ Make a three course meal

♥♥ Get a plant

♥♥ Get matching shirts

♥♥ Go to a new coffee shop

♥♥ Paint pottery

♥♥ Go Kayaking

♥♥ Find our song

♥♥ Start & finish a new T.V. series

♥♥ Make s’mores

♥♥ Go swimming

♥♥ Read 3 books of the Bible

♥♥ Go to Seattle

♥♥ Finish a 1000 piece puzzle

♥♥ Eat a whole watermelon

♥♥ Make popsicles

♥♥ Stargaze

♥♥ Pick berries

♥♥ Make a blanket fort

♥♥ Hike at a lake

♥♥ Dance in the rain

♥♥ Roll down a hill

♥♥ Cloud watch

♥♥ Play frisbee

♥♥ Make granola

♥♥ Watch the sunrise

♥♥ Go to a movie theater

♥♥ Go on a sunset walk

♥♥ Each read a book

♥♥ Visit an island

♥♥ Go to a drive-in movie

♥♥ No phones for 24 hours

♥♥ Get ice cream cones

♥♥ Tie-dye shirts

♥♥ Jump on a trampoline

♥♥ Make homemade milkshakes

♥♥ Make a cake

♥♥ Fly a kite

♥♥ Go to a fair

♥♥ Feed duckies

♥♥ Stay in PJs all day long

♥♥ Make french toast

♥♥ Paint pet rocks

♥♥ Pillow fight

♥♥ Scavenger hunt

♥♥ Collect sea shells

♥♥ Write letters of affirmation

This is our list for the summer! What are you all planning on doing?!


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