Oregon Trip!

My family never traveled much growing up, so when summer break started for Warren & I, we decided to make a trip down to Oregon! We loved every moment of it (except when I accidentally made us turn the wrong way down a one way, that was a not so lovable moment).

The first place we went to was Portland!


Warren LOVES big cities, while I am not the greatest fan. But, Portland did have some amazing food and a great Saturday Market. And of course, VooDoo Doughnuts lived up to all the hype.

We had the best burger either of us had ever had at Killer Burger in Portland. We ordered the Bender, which came with fried jalapeños and their special sauce. It was Killer! 😉

The Saturday market was awesome as well! There was so much to see and almost all of it was locally made. There was great food, great people, and I got a great massage as well 🙂

Overall, we really enjoyed exploring all the big city had to offer. We loved all the food & coffee & cafe options, as well as all the shopping!

The next place we went to was Lincoln City! 

This city was my personal favorite and I absolutely loved the small town feel while being so close to the ocean!


One thing that Warren was worried about was the food in this smaller town; but it was incredible! There were so many yummy, local places that we found (thank you Yelp!) and it was so much fun to explore!

I had never been to the Oregon coast before so seeing the ocean was the best part for me. I loved sitting on the sand, playing in the waves, and trying to catch clams. Everyone was so nice, and the place we stayed at was absolutely amazing (airbnb for the win!).

We had so much fun on our trip to Oregon and I can’t wait until we can explore more together!

Happy Sunday everyone! ❤


PS: Here are the places we stayed at during our trip:

Portland Airbnb (cozy & artsy apartment with a cute kitty)

Lincoln City Airbnb  (Absolutely amazing place! Hot tub, ocean view, big tv, STAY HERE)


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